The Creepy AF Guests At Dinner

This trip really was an amalgamation of a lot of creepy experiences. The good thing is I get to share it as anecdotes for your reading pleasure.

On one fine day, during the weekend my best friend was visiting me in Chicago, we were advised to go to Signature Lounge for drinks. Signature Room and Signature Lounge are located at the top most floors of the John Hancock Centre. If you missed out on the Sears Tower, I would recommend going up to the Signature Lounge for some drinks. You go up there for free, but enjoy the same well similar views but don’t forget to pay for your drinks though.

We left her hotel relatively late around 8pm. At this point we had no idea of where we wanted to go for dinner. All we really knew was that we wanted to go up to the Signature Lounge. If it came down to it, we were happy to skip dinner just to have some appetizers/bar food. We arrived at the John Hancock Centre around 8.30pm and made our way to the line. If you’re under 21, you’ll be allowed up there till 7pm. After that anyone under the age of 21 is not allowed. I would also recommend to go there appropriately dressed. Their website does set some guidelines on their dress code and we did notice a few people who didn’t adhere to it, but that’s not for me to judge. To be on the safe side dress up for a night, even though you’re on tourist mode.

Once we showed our IDs we get in line to go up. Our unfortunate luck, there was a couple standing in front of us. There is nothing wrong with couples. But there are some couples who can make you feel very uncomfortable too soon. This was one such couple. We were standing in line which was moving forward at snail pace. But after waiting for about 20 minutes, the doors to the lift was close and that’s when things got weird. The guy in front of us, got a little handsy on his girlfriend. Nothing wrong with that, but um, can you like not be so intense when there are a lot of people around you?! It’s really uncomfortable. He continues with his actions for the next 10 minutes. We quietly and impatiently wait in line and hope and pray that it will move forward soon. It was at least 5-minutes after, when we made our way into the lift and well it was a packed lift so no one could do much. Thank god.

Our level comes and off we go and yet again wait in line for a table. We got a table and ended up ordering a pizza, which supposedly was an appetiser, but sure we’ll roll (I couldn’t help the pun) with that. After we finished our dinner and drinks, we made our way back to the lifts to make our way down. We finished eating relatively late, I’d say close to midnight and the crowd had died down. We get to the line, when the bouncer standing next to me says, “Excuse me ma’am, I need to get through”. As a natural reaction, I take a step back and realise the lady who was behind me, was literally right up against me. I apologised for bumping into her.

The lift opened and the people ahead in the line fill it up really quick and there was absolutely no way we’d make it. But I guess this lady (drunk) and her drunk azz boy friend thought it would be funny to push me. So they were right up against my back and I could feel a finger pushing me and I bumped into my friend, who at the time didn’t realise what was going on. We got on to the lift and went down. As we exited the lift, I told my friend what had happened and turned around to that couple who were hardly able to walk straight or keep their eyes open and we thought there’s no point in saying anything to them. They are out of it. They then proceeded to do other things in the middle of the street, as you do, whilst we hailed a cab and came home.

So whilst we loved the dinner and the experience of being on the 95th floor, I wish we hadn’t encountered these people. On second though, it’s good that we did, I got to write a blog about whatever this was.

Do you have any similar experiences? Tell me!

Until next time,