Fun Facts About Wellington

Yes another blog dedicated to Wellington. There were just so many fun facts about Wellington that I’ve been itching to tell that I learnt during my travels there that I just couldn’t contain it. This will be a rather short blog and maybe you might learn a thing or two.

Fun fact number 1:

Wellington is known as Windy Wellington. This is because of the strong gusty winds that are always blowing over the city. Regardless of which season you go to Wellington, you need warm attire. Don’t get blown away!

Fun fact number 2:

There are a number of houses that are on top of hills that cars can’t get to. Do you know how residents get to their houses in those cases? Or what to do when someone who lives in one of these houses invites you for dinner? Simple. You park you car on the street. Each of these houses has their own private cable car that can carry at the most 2 people per journey. These will be sent down, and you can hop into them and it will take you up to their house. If you’ve been to Wellington, yes those green lines that you see by houses, that’s what they are, the lines for the private cable cars!

Fun fact number 3:

The restaurant Monsoon Poon in Courtenay Place is quite famous. Do you know why? David Beckham once dined at this restaurant during his travels to the country. To this date, his plate hasn’t been washed and it hangs on their wall (…of fame) and yes a lot of customers have licked that plate since then!

Fun fact number 4: 

The bar called Motel is rather famous, do you know what for? Well let me tell you. Liv Tyler and Elijah Wood have both been denied entry at this bar when they were in New Zealand during the filming of The Lord of the Rings. The bouncers didn’t recognize who they were and they were denied entry!

Fun fact number 5:

Weta Workshop engaged in the project to put characters from The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit all over the Wellington airport. So the giant Gollum that you see hanging at the airport, Weta Workshop especially made that for display at the airport!

Fun fact number 6:

Mount Victoria tunnel is the only tunnel in New Zealand that allows pedestrian access i.e. you can walk through that tunnel along side the traffic.

Fun fact number 7:

Mount Victoria tunnel is also known as the tooting or honking tunnel. This is the only tunnel in New Zealand where drivers can honk their car to celebrate the end of the working week and the beginning of the weekend. On a Friday at 5pm, it is quite normal to go a bit tone deaf from the honking. You do not want to be a pedestrian walking through the tunnel at 5pm on a Friday. The honking starts to take place from about Wednesday afternoon. If you do it on a Monday or Tuesday, mate what is wrong with you?

Fun fact number 8:

Peter Jackson’s private jet is now parked in a hangar at Wellington airport. Earlier it used to be in Melbourne. When he wanted to fly somewhere he’d have to give his pilots a 3 hours heads up, so they could fly to Wellington to pick him up.

Fun fact number 9:

Wellington sees many celebrities come and go, but they hardly ever get publicity. This is because Peter Jackson usually flies them over on his private jet and being located so close to the airport, these celebrities usually directly go to his studio to get working on their current projects.

Fun fact number 10:

Did you know that the Windy Wellington sign was initially proposed to be Wellywood? The sign is located in Miramar which is the film central of New Zealand. Peter Jackson lives in this area and his workshop and studio are also located here.

These were 10 fun facts about Wellington. I’m sure I came across more, but they are escaping me. Do you know any fun facts about Wellington? If so, leave them below!

Until next time,