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For the first time in a long time, I have no idea how to begin a blog or what words to use but here is my attempt. When I had moved to Sydney in November 2015, it didn’t quite hit me hard, as I knew I was going back home for the Christmas break, which at the time was just a mere 6-weeks away. The move to Sydney seemed like a temporary thing. Yet somehow 6 weeks whizzed by and I was packing to go home. There were exciting times ahead. I was going on an Emirates flight, my first time flying with them. I had been upgraded to Business Class, courtesy of my brother, you can read about that here. I was going down to one of my favourite cities in New Zealand, Queenstown. The two-week break on my way home, seemed like the duration of an eternity, never to have an end.



I landed in Auckland and made my way home. That evening I was catching up with a friend, so I dashed out with my car. Something felt odd. I was driving on my streets in my city, but it didn’t feel like home. It didn’t feel like I belonged in this city. I had only been away for 6-7 weeks, surely not a lot would have changed. I just couldn’t nudge off the feeling of Auckland not feeling like it’s my home. The day after I arrived, we set off on our week-long trip to the South Island. This took my mind off things a little bit, as Queenstown, Lake Tekapo or Mount Cook isn’t home any way. What made an early morning flight even better, you may ask? Santa was on my Air New Zealand flight. It felt great knowing I was in familiar surroundings during the holiday period.

Lake Tekapo, a beautiful little city located in the South Island of #NewZealand. It is close to Mount Cook and offers breathtaking views throughout. There might not be a lot to do here, but it is a good choice if you just want to disconnect from everything else and reconnect with yourself or your family.

Exploring this new city, Lake Tekapo, and taking in the breath taking views it has to offer occupied my time. It is a very small city with hardly anything to do, but just being there is an experience to cherish. We drove to Mount Cook, we stayed at home, we watched movies and suddenly the first leg of my trip was over and we were spending the last four days in Queenstown. No need to freak out just yet! There were lots to do in Queenstown. Well not really. Even though it is one of the most popular destinations in New Zealand there’s actually not a lot to do here, unless you’re into adventure sports and an endless cashflow to do all of that. Yet we kept ourselves occupied.

Forever Believe by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/ Queenstown is a beautiful city, nestled in the South Island of New Zealand. It offers a whole bunch of thrill seeking activities during both summer and winter and is definite place to visit when heading down to New Zealand.

It was the day before Christmas, that we bid farewell to our trip to the South Island. The day I had to fly back to Sydney was nearing. I knew that sooner or later that day would come, but I shook it off and placed it at the back of my mind. The best way that I could keep myself occupied was thinking about the pre made plans between Christmas and New Years and well 3 days into the New Year before I flew out. New Years’ Eve, catching up university friends, going to dinners, there was so much still left to do. I told myself to take it one day at a time. Christmas day, we always have dinner with our very close family friends.

Boxing day and sales, sales everywhere! Big things, small things, technology, make up everything discounted. Grab your bargains now! Needless to say we got up to some shopping. Best of all the next day, my little baby, Breezer was coming home from the kennel! Oh how I’d missed her! I woke up as early as I could, jumped into my car and off I went to pick her up. There was a lot of whimpering and barking and general anger towards me, how could I have left her all alone and gone!

By this point I had a few catch ups with my friends. I had been to my favourite spots in Auckland, ate at my favourite restaurants and of course favourite dessert places. We were celebrating the New Year and I had told myself, that this is a New Year. Go back to Sydney, and enjoy the adventure that you’ve received. Moving out, following your dreams. Do it all, because ten years from now, you’ll be happy that you fought against all odds and challenged yourself and came out with flying colours. Yes, I still do feel lonely sometimes, because I’m still transitioning and adjusting to a new city. But, everyone I’ve met here so far, have been very supportive. Very soon I’ll have my own group of Sydney friends, who will make Sydney feel more like home.

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