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Recapping my life a little bit. I moved to Sydney back in November to pursue a career in Events. The company I work for, RTC Events Management, organise Conferences across AustralasiaNorth AmericaEurope and Asia (more information on this event coming soon on our website). These Conferences bring in delegates from the Construction, Engineering and Architecture industries. So if you’re working in one of these industries, these Conferences would be something that you might like to check out.


Fast forward to now. In less than a month, we have our first Conference for the year! This is the Australasian Conference, which is going to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley. This will also be the first time I go travelling and attend my first event with my colleagues. Hunter Valley is a 2-hour drive from Sydney, which makes it even better as we get to go on a road trip. However if you are travelling to Hunter Valley from international destinations, you can choose to fly in to either Sydney or Newcastle airports and then make your way to Hunter Valley. Since I am talking about our Conference, if you do plan on attending our Conference, we’ve organised shuttle transfers from both these locations, you just need to pick the most convenient for you whilst registering.

The event runs for 3-days, commencing on Thursday 12th May and running through to Saturday 14-May, with set up for our exhibitors on Wednesday 11th May. The RTC crew will be making their way to the Hunter Valley on Tuesday and we’ll be spending almost an entire week here. Of course there will be a blog on all things Hunter Valley once I’m back! Ironic isn’t it? Last year on 10th May my mini 3-day trip to Sydney  was coming to an end and this year not only am I living in Sydney but I’m getting the opportunity to explore another gem in the state of New South Wales.

Over the weekend I visited #Sydney, #Australia! The last time I went there was in 2007 and boy has it changed! For any questions or enquiries email: milimakesvideos@gmail.com Social Media: - Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiliTravels - Twitter: @milgos - Instagram: milgos - Tumblr: www.militravels.tumblr.com

From what I’ve heard, Hunter Valley is the wine country of New South Wales. There are numerous wineries located in and around this place that it’s quite hard to miss one. Sounds a bit like Napa Valley of New South Wales. In fact we are also organising our offsite function, which is held on Friday night during the course of the event at a winery. Details are to be confirmed for that at this stage but we are days away from announcing it! I should also probably refrain from comparing Australia to America.

A glimpse of San Francisco. For any enquiries or questions email me at: milimakesvideos@gmail.com To keep up with me: - Like me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MiliTravels - Follow me on Twitter: @milgos

From various chatter in the office, I have also heard that hot air balloons are a very popular activity in the Hunter Valley. I’ve always been interested in doing a hot air balloon ride but never had the chance to. There are two things that put me off – waking up really early in the morning as these take place before/during sunrise and heights. I am terrified of heights. But hopefully one day I can conquer my fears and participate in this activity. Usually when we go on our regional events, after the Conference has ended the Committee engage in an activity day and we participate in an activity during the day. I’m not too sure what that is for this year’s Australasian event, I guess you’ll just have to wait for the photos.

To summarise, the Australasian Conference is in Hunter Valley this year. If you work in the Construction, Architecture or Engineering industries or for that matter want to learn more about Revit and BIM you might like to gather information about our Conferences. Alternatively you can always contact me via my website too! There will definitely be a blog on all things Hunter Valley once I’m back even though this is a business trip (and my first one at that) hence I’ll share as much as I can on that blog. Have you been to the Hunter Valley? What did you get up to?

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