Pre-Cruising Excitement

Very soon I’m going on my summery winter vacation with my family. Why do I term it a summery winter vacation? Well our first stop the trip is Honolulu, Hawaii. Following that we are headed on an Alaskan cruise. As much as there are multiple cities involved in this trip, let’s just be real here, ever since its inception I’ve just been saying I’m going on a cruise.

This is my very first cruise. I’ve never been on a cruise before. Unless you count the InterIslander ferry from Wellington to Picton a cruise, which it isn’t. I wanted to write this blog, I suppose as a benchmark in regards to what I think this cruise is going to be like. Once I’m back from the trip I can then blog about how it was and possibly some tips on how to prepare etc.

Needless to say, I have watched one too many videos on the Alaskan Cruise, more specifically the Celebrity Cruises that take you on the Alaskan Cruise. There are a lot of options for you to choose from for a given destination. You could choose between different durations or different ports and much more. The cruise that we are going on is called the Alaska Tracy Arm Fjord Cruise, which is a 7-day cruise. We get on board in Seattle and over the course of the week we will dock at Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway and then Victoria before returning to Seattle. There are days in between when we don’t dock in a city and we’re just at sea.

From what I understand, we arrive in each of these cities during the day, possibly early morning. We then have the entire day or at least part of the day before we have to be back on board again, and during this time we can choose to either explore the city ourselves or pre-book our activities. These activities need to be booked through the login that you receive when booking your cruise. These activities are obviously coordinated between the tour company and the cruise liner. This is essential as the departure times and arrival times for both the cruise and the tour company will be sorted. I assume that since you do have the option of exploring the city by yourself, you can book activities that are not part of the cruise. However please ensure the on board crew are aware of these details so they have your contact details handy in case they need to contact you. I suppose once I’ve been on my cruise I’ll know the definite answer to this question/statement.

As it’s a cruise, you don’t have to wait till you’re docked in a city to have fun. There are loads of activities on board that will capture your attention and keep you entertained. Based on some of the videos that I have watched, it seems that there is a theatre, where shows are put on. I’m not sure if these are daily shows or for that matter if they are ticketed shows. There’s of course the deck where you can go and enjoy the views of the magnificent ocean ahead of you. I plan on capturing a sunrise and sunset over the ocean if I can, but you know sleep and drinks, I mean what… are important too.

I will keep this blog relatively short, as I’m not too sure what else to expect. I’d just like to blown away (not literally of course!). I will say this however, that I plan on grabbing as much footage and images as possible to capture this trip. I want you my viewers and readers to be able to experience this trip with/alongside me. So please ensure you’re following me on instagram, Twitter and Facebook to come on this journey along with me.

Until next time,