The last two weeks have been hectic. I’ve been on the road for our first conference followed by a famil trip to #BrilliantCanberra. This year has also been quite full on. It has been non-stop action pretty much from day 1 after the Christmas and New Year’s break. You must be wondering where am I going with this blog? Well, allow me to dig further and provide some clarity. I’ve been involved with events since I was a kid. I’ve been passionate about working in the events industry since my second last year at University. I had a strong intuition that, that’s where I want to take my career.

If you’d asked me ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ about ten to fifteen years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to give a firm answer, as would others around the same age as me. But as far as I can remember I would always tell people, that I want to be in a job that takes me to different places. I’ve always been vocal about wanting to live out of my suitcase. It’s not easy, I know, and it can get quite tiring. But I feel at my best each time I’m on the road.

On my way back from Canberra, my flight to Sydney was cancelled. A state of panic arose amongst all those travelling back to Sydney from Canberra who were also on the famil trip. We just had to be back in Sydney asap, it was Friday the next day and most if not all of us could not afford another day out of the office. The lovely staff from Canberra Convention Bureau were on their phones immediately to try and get us on alternate flights as soon as possible so we could get back to Sydney at an appropriate time. In the mean time, Qantas staff had already reallocated us on flights to Melbourne and then to Sydney. Not the best routing, no, but when you want to get home as soon as possible you take the first possible option available.

It was on my flight from Melbourne to Sydney wherein I had this realisation that I am doing what I love, in more ways than one. Firstly, I’m working in the events industry and secondly in just 4 months I’ve been on 4 work trips already. It’s amazing how everything falls into place when you’re passionate about something. I suppose working in the events industry has made a lot of my dreams come true which is a fuel for me to achieve more goals.

I am actively pursuing two goals right now. I firmly believe that if I can be open on my blog about the dark things I have endured in my life i.e. bullying, I would like to be able to share those that bring positivity and motivation as well. My biggest goal and dream in life is to organise main stream concerts. This was also the reason I deeply and passionately wanted to start working in the events industry. I'll also mention who the first artist I'd like to bring is and that is Demi Lovato. When she came out with her story of her struggles, there was a lot I resonated with. At the time only a select few people knew about my struggles and for whatever reason I found strength in her sharing her story. I still remember the day I first told a whole bunch of people what I planned to do. To which I got mixed reactions. Some laughed, well most laughed and some encouraged and still do encourage and some thought I was downright crazy given the kind of money involved. I don’t know how soon I can make it happen but I’m aiming for before I turn 30! So wish me luck!

The second goal that I’m actively pursuing is to become a travel blogger and vlogger full time. I feel happiest when I’m on the road. It’s like a drug to me and I’m quite high each time I get a dose of it. In addition I love sharing my experiences via my platforms. I also love hearing the feedback that you provide. Some provide constructive criticism and I try and incorporate that as much as I can whilst some provide a lot of positivity and there’s always those who provide negative. Regardless, I love connecting with each and everyone. I think the only way I can make this dream a reality is by constantly sharing my stories in the hopes that someone somewhere will read this and find my stories impressive. My only request to you is that if you’ve ever read any of my material or watched any of my videos that struck a chord in your heart, please share that with your network.

On that note, I’ll end this blog here. I would love to hear your thoughts and just connect with you, I’m always just a message away. There are multiple ways you can reach out to me. Either leave a comment below, or send me a message from the contact page, or maybe follow me on my social media platforms, I’m active on – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Until next time,