Often times I come across posts and news articles on people who at a young age have either set foot on all the countries in the world or all the continents or have achieved some other significant travel achievement. This usually gets me thinking as to what stories do they have to share. I find that they are travelling to be able to say “Hey look I’ve been to all the countries in the world” etc. There’s nothing wrong in that. But when I think about myself and the fact that I’ve been travelling since I was 2 years old and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the earth.

I’ve been to roughly 20 countries. But I’ve been to numerous countries multiple times. It’s not that I don’t want to travel to other countries, but it’s just that my journey has taken me back to some countries. And under no circumstance has going back to the same country meant I’ve not had new experiences. Just take my blog as an example; all of these blogs that I write and share have been crafted because of the experiences I have encountered. This is the 66th blog that I’m writing for my website, and this doesn’t even cover half of the stories I have to share.

For me, travelling is the essence of all that a city has to offer and to make memories that is captured at that moment in time. Because that will be your memento of that city for the rest of your life. If you’re like me, you’ll make those into stories for people to read but more than anything it is for you to cherish. So I will leave this week’s blog short and sweet and end it here. But take a moment and think of that place you went to that has left you with countless memories – what is that place? Leave them in the comments below and let’s chat!

Until next time,