That One Time at Sephora | Chicago

You know, I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this blog. I contemplated and debated with myself whether it’s worth writing. But I realised that hey it did happen during my travels and well let me blog about it so people can be informed about it. So here’s how the story goes:

It was my first weekend in Chicago and I was battling jet lag. Thankfully it was Saturday and I had two more days before I was on my way to Toronto. It had also been my third day in Chicago and whilst I was out and about doing things, I struggled to stay awake. However that day began somewhat different. My phone crashed. I assumed the battery was low and plugged in the charger. But that’s weird, I always charge my phone overnight. There was no response from my phone. I let it sit whilst it charged and got dressed to head out with my brother and his friend. I check my phone again and it’s still had not turned on. Thankfully I was on a trip visiting my brother, I can’t imagine the panic that I would have had, had it been in Toronto on my solo trip. My brother suggested that we make a stop at the Apple Store but first we had a reservation to get to at Publican.

We finished brunching and head out to Michigan Ave and window shopped at the different stores as we went. I popped into the Apple Store and requested for an appointment to have a look at my phone and the earliest slot they had available that day was at 4.30pm. It was only 2pm at that time. But this was crucial and hence I took that slot. We continued browsing through stores to kill time but soon my brother and his friend had to leave as they had to join a conference call. This is when I decided to shop through the aisles at Sephora.

I went in and started from the rear end of the store and decided to make my way towards the entrance. That should kill a good hour or so, I thought to myself. I only made it half way to the rear end of the store when one of the security guards went rushing to the door. I froze and stood at attention in my spot. It took me a moment or two before I gathered myself and continued browsing. I still couldn’t feel at ease and started making my way towards the entrance, I just felt like leaving that store and going to another. At this point I noticed one security guard taking one girl towards the back of the store. She seemed to be complying with him. Two more steps and the main entrance is in clear view. But there’s a crowd gathering as people wanting to come in can’t and people wanting to go out also can’t as the other security guard was trying to get the other lady to comply with him. These two ladies were shoplifters. They got caught.

What annoyed me about the situation was that, the lady who was caught and wasn’t willing to comply and stood at the entrance blocking it, did everything she could to try and change the security guard’s mind to let her go. She took an action that had resulted in severe consequences, all of which she was aware of prior to taking that action. But now that she was caught she had no intention of following through. The security guard actually tried to calm the situation down as much as possible and was speaking in a calm manner requesting her to go along with him to the back of the store. She was in hysteria asking him to let it go. It had, in other words, become a scene. No one was able to shop, because as humans, we have a natural tendency to pry on other’s lives and then to ***** about it later.

I will not reveal what race these ladies were as this will just spark a mass racist hysteria. But I would like to understand, why is shoplifting such a big thing in America. Most of the products that can be purchased there is a lot cheaper than anywhere else in the world. In this case, let’s use Sephora as an example. Sephora in America (or at least the Chicago store) is relatively cheap compared to Sephora in Sydney. I don’t actually think there is even a physical Sephora store here in Auckland (please pardon my ignorance if there is). I can understand the lust for wanting something you can’t have. I’ve been in that position a lot more times than just one. But I’ve never felt the need to steal. Yes, everyone has their family/personal situation. But why don’t you use the negativity in your life to fuel positivity? Work towards bettering yourself and working hard in order to be able to afford all that you want in life. Learn to live within your means. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But I don’t think stealing and shop lifting are justifiable.

Whilst I did purchase a perfume from that store on that day, I just wanted to get out of the store. It’s not like it was a big incident or something, but it left me shook. The two ladies would have been in/around my age bracket. I have a feeling that day for them would have started off with something stupid like a dare to shoplift and has resulted in serious consequences. Think before you take an action. Is it really worth it?

Until next time,