I contemplated for a while, what my 100th blog (after 3 years of blogging) should be on. I tried thinking of topics relating to my favourite destination, or some of my favourite trips, perhaps even a balance between the good and bad experiences. But somehow I just couldn’t gather the words to fill up a page. Instead, I’ve had some time to myself and just to myself and reminisced over some memories from this time last year as Facebook so timely reminded me. Thus began an overwhelming flow of emotions as I remembered how grateful I am for where I am today compared to this time last year.

Here’s a snapshot, I was falling apart because I was struggling with a lot of things and I wasn’t happy. More importantly I knew that my days in Sydney were numbered and sooner rather than later I’d be back home. Moving out isn’t hard - moving back home at the age of 26, that’s hard. I felt like a complete failure, my quest on building a house and future myself was starting to fall through. Here I am, a year later, still at home, which is something I have to accept as a momentary slip up ‘till I can stand on my two feet, but in a job that I love. This weekend, I'm off to Wellington for a conference and in just two weeks time, I would have delivered the third event I produced, which is almost at capacity. It probably doesn’t mean much to other people, but it feels quite empowering to be able to say that, given I want to pursue a future in the events industry. I’ve bought a brand new car, well; it’s about 3 months old now. But a year ago, this wasn’t something I would have even thought that I’d have in 365 days. 

So, I want to use my 100th blog as a means to communicate that I am grateful for where I am and who I’ve become. I’m not perfect and I don’t claim to be. I am me and I’m happy with what I’m doing, I am living my dreams, it’s just a matter of time before I achieve my career goal. In the last 3 years, or in other words, the journey to 100 blogs, we have been around the world (quite literally) and I’ve also opened up about the skeletons in my closet. I am not scared to express myself via my blogs any more. Some blogs may have been a bit too much to handle, like me too, but I promise the next 100 blogs will be a lot more travel focused. There are still videos from Fiji, Chicago and Toronto that will be released in due time followed by blogs on those destinations. I also have a few trips planned, up my sleeve, so perhaps I might be visiting a destination that takes your fancy pretty soon. 

Until next time,