Travels Galore

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading last week’s blog, which is an excerpt of the book I’m attempting to write. If you did read it, I’d love your feedback on it. This week I wanted to write a quick, chill blog mostly because I’m rather unwell but I don’t want to miss a week of blogging especially when I’ve missed 3 weeks of videos. I do feel rather bad when that happens. I don’t think I’ll be able to post a video this weekend either because I need to film the video and given the bad chesty cough that I have, I don’t see that happening very well.

I just did a whirlwind trip to Queenstown. This was a semi solo trip for me. Semi solo because I was indeed travelling with my friends but as we booked flights and accommodation separately we were staying at different places, and arriving and departing at different times. I arrived into Queenstown and had a few hours to myself. I set off and explored the town centre, grabbed some lunch and headed back to the hotel for a quick nap because I was tired from the week I’d just had. Ever since I went on my first solo trip last year, I’ve had this burning desire to do it all over again. Trust me, it scares the living hell out of me, mainly because I keep thinking I won’t be able to do it, but the thrill of it all makes me desire it even more. Queenstown is perfect for this. Why? This was my fourth trip here, and I’ll be back in December. I don’t have the fear of missing out on doing something knowing that I’ll be back. I know Queenstown like the back of my hand, well kinda, I know I won’t get lost or hurt.

People ask or comment all the time when I revisit places. Sure, there’s an adventure that awaits when you decide to go to a new city/country/continent. But I am a traveller, I well and truly believe that whether you go to a new destination or to one that you’ve been to previously, there’s always a new adventure and believe it or not, you will end up doing something new. For example, I did the trip to Milford Sound. I did this for the first time, eight years ago and we drove from Te Anau to Milford Sound at the time, which is roughly 2.5hours. This time the drive was from Queenstown and it took 5-hours to get there. This included a whole bunch of stops along some (small) towns in New Zealand like Garston, Mossburn and Five Rivers, thus increasing my cities count. That reminds me, I need to update my cities count and see if I hit 100 yet. I also went to Lake Tekapo, for the second time (but first in the winter). I hoped and prayed that I’d get a glimpse of the southern lights, but alas, it was too cloudy. Nonetheless we drove back to Queenstown at 9pm, keeping an eye out to see if we could spot just the tiniest bit of southern lights, but again luck was not on our side. It just means, there will be another trip and hopefully the next time I’m there and I get to see it, that will be the new experience.

To close off the blog, I guess, I do want to apologise for a rather brief blog and that there won’t be a video on Sunday. I have just one more video on Fiji and have decided to upload videos from Queenstown first followed by Toronto and then Chicago and that will see us through to the new year!

Until next time,