My Top 10 Favourite Luxury Hotel Stays

I lay in bed at Peppers Beacon one night and reminisced over my favourite hotel stays over the years. Of course, the thought that followed was to blog about it and share it with the world. 

I have mentioned this in the past, my brother is a member of both SPG and Marriott (now they are the same brand) and he has been generous in accommodating us on our travels. The list below encompasses some hotels that I’ve stayed at during a holiday and some whilst on a work trip. Without further a due, here are my top 10 favourite (luxury) hotel stays.1

  1. Peppers Beacon, Queenstown - in my recent trip to Queenstown, we stayed at Peppers. This was the first time we stayed at a hotel as a family whilst holidaying here. Usually we book a holiday home or similar, however this time it was different. Peppers Beacon is located very close to the town centre and right on the lake front. It’s a fantastic place to stay. We had a two bedroom apartment with all facilities available.


2. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - well, what can I say about MBS that hasn’t already been said. I’ll just leave you with my hotel review video below.

3. W, Hong Kong - W Hong Kong is a very unique hotel. It had a great vibe to it. Best of all, it’s located right above the Kowloon train station. For those who aren’t familiar, Kowloon is one of the main tourist spots and the best place for train connectivity. The airport trains also stop here and you can check in before you board the train to head to the airport.

4. ITC, Jaipur - I was very impressed with this hotel. They have kept so many features authentic to the Rajasthani culture. I explain more about it in the video.

5. St. Regis, Bangkok - this was perhaps my first ever luxury hotel stay that I got to experience. Whilst the memory of it is starting to fade, no matter how much I try to hold on, I do remember the fantastic experience that it was. 

6. Westin Siray Bay, Phuket - there really isn’t a lot to do in Phuket. So, you want to make sure you choose the right resort for your stay that is sure to keep you entertained for the duration of your time in Phuket. With two swimming pools, 7 restaurants and a couple of bars, I’m sure you’ll find some place to spend time. Please note, the hotel may have renovated since my stay there, at the time there were 2 pools and 7 restaurants.

7. Sheraton, Udaipur - I don’t think this hotel exists anymore. By that, I mean, that I think it has been bought out by another hotel chain and is operating under a different name. Again, another hotel that has maintained Rajasthani heritage and the location was great. Of course, the food was fantastic.

8. Marriott in Times Square, New York - the main thing that I loved about this hotel was the fact that it was right bang in the middle of Times Square. You get to enjoy the views and billboards of Times Square from your room and in our case if you turned your head just enough (without injuring yourself) you got a glimpse of where the ball drop happens on New Year’s Eve.

9. Grand Hyatt, Seattle - this was a fantastic luxury hotel stay. The hotel gave us a room on the 28th floor and well, the view was amazing. I can assure you, I was anything but sleepless in Seattle, those were some very comfy beds!



10. The Venetian, Las Vegas - a trip to Vegas is like a show. You have to stay in a suite (well you don’t have to), you have to talk the talk and walk the walk. After all you’re in a show town. Whilst there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary here, this made it to this list as the stay was fantastic.

Have you stayed at any of these hotels?

Until next time,