Travel tips to Buenos Aires

This is going to be a quick handy tips blog for Buenos Aires. Here we go:

  • Buenos Aires can be quite cold in the winter, make sure you pack warm clothes. Unlike cities in Brazil, Buenos Aires is quite similar to Auckland in a lot of ways. And of course, keep a spare pair of shoes handy.

  • I would suggest learning some phrases of Spanish if possible. People in Buenos Aires, tend to mainly converse in Spanish as much as possible including tourist attractions. They don’t know a lot of English, and go to extreme lengths to avoid conversing in it. They will however speak in it very reluctantly if they absolutely have to. But know that the people in Buenos Aires are very friendly and they will try and help you in whatever way they can.

  • The portion sizes are large and can easily feed two people. So, I personally would recommend sharing, if you’re not one to eat a lot. But of course, on one of the days make sure you save your appetite, because the steak in Argentina is the best (sorry Chicago!).

  • If you are a coffee drinker (and prefer your coffee with milk), when you go to a café make sure you order a Café con Leche, which translates to coffee with milk. If you order just a coffee, you usually get some version of an espresso.

  • This is a bit of a grey area and I’m not sure how to best suggest it. Prior to going on the trip, a lot of people had said to simply rely on my card mostly for safety reasons, and to not carry too much cash. However, upon arriving there, it felt like, relying on cash was the easier way to go. Whilst, I don’t want to give a recommendation on how much to carry, if you are travelling with friends, perhaps decide on figure together, so that you know you’re covered whilst on the trip.

  • Tips in Argentina are not included. Most of the people don’t fight you for it, but they do deliver an exceptional service. I don’t think there was any activity or restaurant I went to, where I was disappointed with the service.

  • Once you land in Buenos Aires, I would recommend using the Taxi Ezeia service to get from the airport to your hotel.

  • Getting to South America from New Zealand is quite expensive, but once you’re there, it’s relatively cheap.

Leave a comment below, if there is anything specific that you’d like to know.

Feel free to add some of your tips below too.

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