Before I get started on the overflow of South American blogs, I wanted to write a blog with some updates. After about 4ish years of regularly vlogging, I have decided I will be taking a break from producing videos. I have been on an extended break from video production any way, since my MacBook Air crashed. But now, I’m taking this decision, as for the first time ever, I’ve travelled and experienced the sights myself, rather than through a lens.

Producing videos got to a point where I was too obsessed with having the camera on all the time, capturing everything in the fear that I don’t miss out on the ‘great shots’. What this meant, was that, even though I was travelling and experiencing new cultures and things, I wasn’t really there, as I was always behind the camera.

I still have a lot of footage from my travels to Chicago, Toronto and Queenstown, and maybe sometime I will get around to creating some videos of them, but for now I will be taking a break. But don’t you worry, I will not stop blogging. I have really found my love for writing and blogging in the recent times. I’m hoping to write more stuff for you to read. If you have any suggestions on particular blogs or topics or trips that I have been on and you’d like to know more, please drop me a line!

For now, brace yourselves, South American blogs are coming.

Until next time,